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My idea of holiday is the fulfillment of all the senses. A mix of relax and adventure immersed in the rhythm and culture of the place. Bali encompasses all. But I must confess, my best vacation ever was in Thailand, two years ago, when we were on Koh Samui in one of the most beautiful and exclusive villas on the island! Hope we’ll be soon capable to afford that one more time.


The beach in Sanur is not very attractive and the sea is almost always agitated- and not at all clean and transparent –  but there is a hive of activity along the edge of the paved street. This is not large enough to accommodate the traffic of pedestrian, bikes and scooters, but it is pleasantly sheltered by Palm trees and verandas of the beach warung.

We like  the authentic atmosphere of the early morning fresh market , but not for everyone.

Just for fun take a bemo public transport to go from sanur centre  to the market.

Worth visiting the nearby temples of Tana Lot and Ulu Watu where we watched the Catch dance with the sunset in the background. Be aware this is extremely touristic!

The easiest way to visit the area around is hiring a car with a driver. Highly recommended. We totally loved Toti, a talkative Italian speaking man.

 His balinese name is actually Katut which is the name given to the 4th born of the 4th casta.

Where we staid

Sukun Bali Cottages – little piece of balinese heaven where the fragrance of frangipani is overwhelming. In the morning and in the evening the almost bare trees are shaken and a rain of flowers covers the lawn. Gentle ladies with ever smiling faces collect them as part of the offering for the shrine in the garden.

The cottages are simple but beautifully furnished in balinese style. Everyone in the hotel is ready to help and smiling seems compulsory.

Where we ate

There is a simple family owned warung as part of Sukun Cottages that prepares fresh balinese dishes at lunch and dinner and a simple fresh breakfast with few choices.

Our favourite morning place here is Bali Buda organic shop where we order Jamu, a concoction that almost every balinese drink as medicine and youth elixir.

It is a blend of fresh turmeric, lime and coconut water. Every family has its own recipe and often add a secret ingredient. it has become synonymous of balinese health experience.

Cafe Massimo, run by an AUS expat serves freshly prepare organic balinese and western dishes.

Taxi the best and reliable service Blue Bird Taxi.


if you like shopping and eating, especially organic, this is the place.

the downside is that by taxi it takes 1 hour to get from the bottom to the top of the Monkey Valley Rd. One way.